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Portrait.jpg The hunting development in the deep blue these last years, ask a question today about some change rules in underwater hunting... The time we could captured fish with a shaft pushed by a simple spring is definitively over, because now they have become rare.

I am a user of CO2 speargun, I was 16 years old when I began my passion with a "Tarzan".

My first preoccupation was to tame this speargun with rubber, often fingers in blood and the lower abdomen painful at the end of fishing day… No moment I thought to renounce, my passion was too big, I had to go down in the sea and to bring back on my shaft a fish. Great satisfaction, how many fish shot and lost was not very important, only this one was important...

In the course of time, we become more professional, apnea time lengthens and the depth quickly become regular personals records, making possible the meet with increasingly large fish. But always this speargun which is limited too much. I tested an air gun, not badly, but not powerful enough for large fish… One day, I met a hunter using a Co2 speargun, known as " Pelletier" .

At last the speargun hoped for a long time, powerful, precise and very easy to charge. At this moment, equipped with a "Pelletier" my huntings became enthralling and ecological, respecting a minimum size and especially no more wounding or losing fish. So, to catch a large fish become an obsessional idea. I dream about it, I exceed myself, because I have in my hands an equipment which will strike a blow to him, at the decisive moment.

However, hunting with this speargun marginalizes because it is prohibed in several countries.
"We must use a muscle-powered speargun", french Law says . That is very incredible... Rules frozen in...
This rule is ridiculous and goes against good sense, because how many fish are lost, many spears throught the body? Our arms have limits, the size of the fish does not have. Can you ask to terrestrials hunters to use a knife or a bow under the pretext of armament must be powered by a muscular action? Let us remain serious......

We must pratical our passion intelligently, we must respect sea to in order to make us dream still a long time. The size of fish surpass the imagination, we need to change some rules and to recognize how much the physical performances are more important than the choice of the weapons used .

Why not a Co2 or Air speargun?