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It is not in my mind to remake the world of spearfishing, but rather to take again a concept which proved reliable during many years and to update it. The idea to use the Co2 to propel a shaft was in the beginning of the 20th century. Hunters American originators create speargun with bottles of extinguisher. Overflowing of imagination and creativity, unfortunately very quickly, they will be limited by the storage of gas and the materials of the moment. Many of these spearguns will remain prototypes.


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Years 50/60 will be rich in innovation, some manufacturing will venture in this relatively confidential market to propose their models. French companies also tried, without much success. These spearguns will be addressed to a small category of hunters, the price will be very expensive for many people, and to make more complex, prohibed in France will make them completely marginal.





It will be different with Mr. Jacques Pelletier, who being based on ideas of the moment, will manufacture one of speargun powered by Co2, not only most popular, but more sold in the world.



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Unfortunately, a problem of health in the beginning of the year 80, will make him slow down its activity. Despite everything, it will continue to sell some spearguns and fews spare parts, for gradually to go in the spearfishing story...



Pub pelletier11.jpg Always topicality to use a speargun Co2/air? I would say yes, because I would not have launched into this adventure which took me 3 years of my life, if I was not frankly convinced to bring something else. The development of The Blue Water Hunting, where the size of fish exceeds imagination, will be done only with suitable material. We don't use the same riffle to shoot the rabbit or the wild boar. It is the same in our discipline. The speargun powered by rubbers find their own limits as well in size as in power. They will be in many cases sufficient even hignt-powered, but not in every instance: especially when the power is very importance, and that the handiness proves to be essential. Current technology and the modern materials enabled me to manufacture a underwater speargun which will bring to its owners enormous advantages, enabling them to practise their passion under the best conditions and all around the world. To catch fish the body skewered by many shafts is not in my opinion, the best way. The losses are common, the fish suffer. No personal satisfaction, because your friend of hunting came to give you help and shoot your fish...... The respect of ethics will be done for this type of hunting only by using the most adequate equipment, let us make these rare moments unforgettable:



Let us deserve fish by respecting it...



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